COS and studio pigs have taken the art of fashion to new heights in Miami


If the time difference between London and Miami and your mind is not big gap, so during the art Basel on Tuesday night in the Temple of the House optical show what has been covered in the space. The Scandinavian cultural heritage giant, the COS, stands in the chalky lobby with a bright white tree that opens the door to collaboration with London artist duet Studio Swine. The branches on the tree down, ivory bubbles like a blooming flower of expansion, only to fall on their head under the guest’s head, and fell into a cloud of ash smoke, every bubble send out their fragrance, echoed with Miami Beach. “We want to create a moment, just like the cherry blossoms in Japan, only one week a year. People come out and experience this fleeting event that reminds you of the past. “Alexander groves explained the next day that his partner zi zi was beside him.
The young artist behind Studio Swine, the couple first created the “Salone del Mobile” COS in April. “It’s nice, but there’s a little bit of sadness there,” Groves reflected. “We like it to have something clean and mechanical, its architecture, but also very messy. It’s full of natural phenomena: flow, bounce, mess on the floor. “This event marks the first event at the art Basel fair and reinforces the brand’s continued commitment to the art world and to emerging talent. Creative director Karin Gustafsson explained: “from day one, we have done a lot of research on art and created our seasonal orientation internally. “It’s not unique in the fashion world, but it’s the way we do it.

In conjunction with any self-respecting designer and artist (or legacy of the deceased), working with artists is not about translating art into clothing for retail purposes. “So far, we have not felt that we want to work together on a project,” Gustafsson said. “we are working together to make the art world give back to us so much inspiration.” “It’s a way for us to communicate with our customers.” With the simple aesthetics of the brand and meticulous attention to technology and manufacturing, COS has long been favored by the art people. Somehow, the clever Norse sharpness surprise feelings just for part of urban consumers to participate in the development, and see the Groves and Murakami – wear brand clothes young, beautiful, delicate – this makes sense.
Two met at the royal college of art has repeatedly visit Miami, for inspiration, to visit perez of contemporary arts centers such as the museum of natural history and history of Miami, Florida insight into the city’s past and now, the art deco building still maintains natural and vivid. And their dazzling nightlife. “It’s amazing how amazing nature is. I’ve seen so many birds, I see natural sponges washed on the beach, pelicans… It’s incredible, “groves said. “We’ve been smelling the city,” he laughed, “and picked up the smell of something that could evoke it. At night, different scents come out of the plant, and the smell of serenity and darkness can increase your sense of smell. “He sings from pepper to figs, leaves and chopped hardwood,
For Studio Swine, entering the fashion industry feels like the fashion world’s obsession with art. “In the cosines, you can feel the contact with the art design and the creative industry, which is very real,” Murakami said. “They gave us a complete public summary and everything was very supportive. Both of us don’t want to do some brand activity for a week, and then disappear, causing a lot of waste. “We want to do something long and timeless: a piece of art that can be seen again and again, continue to tour, and be relevant,” she said. “We have no disciplinary level,” adds Groves. “The question we ask ourselves is not: what is it? This is: is it good, interesting, in the conditions of The Times?