Even French actress Adele xtopolos wants to return to her fate


Walk into the room of AdeleExarchopoulos in the Mercer hotel in New York, and you’ll be forgiven for being sent to a chic studio apartment in the tenth district of Paris. European magazines, cigarettes ashtrays and a bottle of wine spread around the room filled with five Frenchmen.
Everyone sat in the center of Exarchopoulos, wrapped in oversized sweaters, and finished the nails. Sometimes the 23-year-old actress shivered at the “Last Night” of P.D ietdy, who performed from a nearby speaker. She explained: “we’ve had the entire Detroit soundtrack, so we’ve changed.
Exarchopoulos night flew in from Paris to attend Louis vuitton “Volez Voguez, Voyagez” the opening ceremony of the New York exhibition, the exhibition record the history of the brand since founded in 1854, in Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul. (the New York edition will be placed on the former U.S. stock exchange tower, which will open on January 7). She said the actress had seen the show in Paris for the first time in Paris several years ago. “It’s like my childhood, because Mary reminds me of toys,” she said. “I really liked it, so I wanted to come back.”
Many FOMO also informed of the decision, because often take part in a Louis Vuitton (Vuitton) activities Exarchopoulos missed the beginning of this month was held in Paris fashion week of Louis Vuitton, Louis VuittonVendome) the opening ceremony of the festival recently, so missed the will and jaden Smith’s performance has been a lot of attention. She said: ‘I look at it on Instagram and I’m like’ oh, I’m not there! “I’m very disappointed.” At her dream party, she quickly chose “g-unit, Rihanna and, of course, Destiny’s Child.”

Of course, the actress’s close relationship with creative director NicolasGhesquiere was the real reason she flew in. “Three years ago, I first met Nicholas at a party and, of course, I was following his work,” she says. “At first I was really scared, I was impressed, but he was really nice, really happy and talking to him.”
At the same time, Exarchopoulos opted for the structural crop tops and trousers that Ghesquiere recently collected. “I love it because it’s a classic Paris look,” she says. “I’ve tried five or six times, and I love that kind of shorts, but that’s it, when you’re wearing accessories, you know what you’re going to wear, and you always go back to the first thing.
In her favorite Louis vuitton series, she ever saw the actress in choose the favorite things when there is a difficult time, finally boarded the “selena gomez, I sit next to that, it is in Paris, and Kim kardashian is there.” (it was the fall of 2015, and Kanye West was there).
However, when she doesn’t go to big events, Exarchopoulos prefers to relax in daily life. “To be honest, (my daily wardrobe) is pants, basketball shoes, and a big sweatshirt,” she said. “And in the summer, I love kimono and I wear slippers.”
This is an actress in the next few weeks are looking forward to the ensemble, she took her new movie “white crow”, the film tells the story of three days ago, a famous dancer LuLouFu new hot, betrayal, the true story of the west. “I was playing Clara saint, a woman who still exists and plays an important role in defecting,” she said. “It’s real, it sounds like now, and I remember when I did that, I thought, ‘wow, people never learn from their mistakes.
What about the packaging plan for her celebration in New York? “Go to the high line, walk a lot, get lost in different streets and eat a lot.”