How to wear celebrity spring’s most beautiful new print


Miranda Priestley, from the “devil wears Prada”, may disagree. But in Hollywood, these beautiful prints are a perennial favorite.
This season, all the works on garden parties are so – imagine colorful wallpaper, buds and romantic flowers. Hanging out in a stately wicker chair (such as Tory Burch’s spring 2017 campaign in the Dominican republic) is perfect for poking around or hitting the pavement of a big city.
What’s the trick with pinning this new look? Keep the silhouette simple, so print the splash.
Reese Witherspoon’s off-the-shoulder version is the perfect beach city style. The print dress (can be from A – the lister lifestyle brand Draper James hand buy) to wear on the bikini on the boardwalk, or with high heels and A single shoulder bag as A brunch, is A typical warm weather.
Kourtney Kardashian is a wild flower this spring. The 38-year-old giant reality star/mom took to Instagram on Easter weekend to snap a full-length floral print jumpsuit with open-toed heels. “The queen of Easter”, her title.

Graham is likely to be a print to go on a picnic, but Jennifer lopez chose flowers faded petals small, because she is in the park recently ate a nine year old son, Max (lopez explained his real recent guest limit).
Black star Yara Shahidi boldly placed large flowers in Coachella over the weekend. Her multi-storey jewelry adds a cool and refreshing girl to this classic print.
Salma hayek knows how to heat things with gorgeous garden parties. Although the 50-year-old actress had some technical problems (” how did I post a photo with a flying donkey instead of a haircut? Someone explained to me that I was technically terrible, “she wrote on Instagram,” and she looked like the # balenciaga gown and pink high-heeled shoes twirling.”
Floral print can also have a nifty return atmosphere. Nicki Hilton has paired a beautiful floral print dress with a white retro accessory, including a miniature Dior bag.