What are fashion hacks and how to redefine the industry


Andrea Crews is another self of French artist and fashion designer Maroussia Rebecq. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that andrei cruise was a rebeca change. This is a collective work, including fashion, art and activism, with a lot of overlap. Of the three, activism is the most interesting. The Andrea Crews brand of activism can be described as hacking, but it’s not the kind of behavior that violates the N.S.A. firewall or the Netflix account. Andrea Crews steals fashion codes
Wear a classic pique-polo shirt. What makes it a polo shirt? In front of the huge polo player or a crocodile is a gift, of course, but beyond the mark, the inventor of the polo shirt comes down to it, Rene Mr Lacoste came up with the specific design elements: pique knit cotton cloth, rib hem and sleeve shirt, three button placket open around the neck. Andrea Crews will put on an old polo shirt and replace the whole thing with a class, so the collar and front seat are sitting on the shoulders. Then it will blow the short sleeve of the polo sleeve into the batwing. On the other hand is a recognizable garment, but it has been deconstructed into a new shape and volume. “We’re proposing a new sculpture,” Rebecq said.
Andre cruz (Andrea Crews) upgrade with Martin magee (Martin Margiela), sichuan long bao ling (Rei Kawakubo) and Miguel adriano rover (Miguel Adrover) work, all of them are to some extent design hackers. Adrover is the designer, born in Majorca, his “uptown” series in 2000 in New York in the design of a Louis vuitton bag and miniskirt, there is also a Burberry Burberry plaid trench, turned over, and turned over, at that time, the brand is hacking headlines and the case materials. Now, everyone does it. Some, like Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy, do better. Like Champion, Manolo Blahnik and Fila, the hacking of legal cooperation appears to be developing a new generation of business models around this concept. If not all, veterinarians may have a majority, and the brand of the 2017 spring collection, with a large number of brands, redistributes the cost of the collection. It replaces not just a design or brand hack, but a system’s brilliance.
Hackers have become many things in the digital world. But in the early days it was not evil and destructive, known as “cracking” or “black hat hack”. When the Internet was in its infancy, early in the 1970s and early 1980s, hackers were hippie efforts. Creative and idealistic, it developed from the MIT model railway club and thrived on college campuses. Merciful hackers believe in an open Internet community. They want software, systems and languages to be free and Shared. When they bypass obstacles, it’s to prove a point, to share information, to subvert the code, to create new, clever, elegant things.
Maison Margiela and Comme desGarcons have this idea. They dissect the clothing and fashion system and find clever and novel things, such as a ruffle jacket made from a broken plate or a decorative ruffle. But that’s where the comparison ends. The original hackers Shared free stuff, and Margiela and Kawakubo were revenue-generating businesses.
Giana Gonzalez is a New York artist whose Hacking Couture workshop is in the spirit of the avant-garde hacker. “I developed these charts to explain the function of Chanel, for example, I could create my own tricks and draw inspiration,” she says. “I myself, like everyone, board my flight. I wanted to share my research results, so I started doing workshops to share my experiences. I cut and paste, don’t be shy about me not being a trained designer. In fact, it shows that I can do it. I can make my own clothes and show others how to do it. “

Andrea Crews has the same DIY independence and creativity. Rip off an old sweater, then put on the cover, a sleeve or to make a button shirt, so the sleeves becomes his trousers and shirt and coat in the haroun pants is between knee Rebecq said “a system, put the clothes horse or upside down, to see it differently.”
Like gonzalez, Rebecq starts with a visual artist. She made her first attempt at recycling at the Palais DE Tokyo centre for contemporary art in Paris in 2002. Museum audience into her sweatshops, through a rummaging through the pile of discarded clothes up, and in Rebecq just hire a seamstress with the help of the Congo to make something, Joseph Camonga. She said, “fashion is the medium, the art is the driving force, the action is the energy. In the process of using old clothes to create new clothes, Rebecq wants participants to think about the desire behind the clothes we buy and the relationship we have with consumers.
Even chanel was involved. Karl Lagerfeld (Karl unabashed Lagerfeld) visited the facility, although Rebecq couldn’t persuade him to sit on a sewing machine, but he agreed to let her to send Chanel studio, a pile of old clothes to restore his small stature. “I gave them fake fancy chanel jackets,” says Rebecq. “Maybe they laughed when they saw them. But they sent them back, fixed it, all the buttons turned into chanel buttons and embroidered jewelry. ”
From an artistic rebellion, Andre cruises has grown into a sustainable business. The latest collection allows leather jackets and climbers to camouflage leather jackets and flowers. But Andrea Crews has become a trendy street brand, and hackers are now just a research method. Each series of ideas is still starting with recycled prototypes, but they are reduced to traditional patterns and produced at nearby factories. The fabric is new; None of them are second-hand.
Rebecq is considering closing the business, but she’s been considering a new way to bring hackers back into the hands of customers. She thinks Andrea Crews can boost prototypes that are shown on the runway during fashion week. Andrea Crews doesn’t order what they want in the way they like, but instead delivers products to stores and sells them in a traditional way. Andrea Crews will organize in-store workshops and teach customers to recycle their favorite runways. A typical hacker scenario, a plan that would give any cfo nightmares, but Rebecq likes the idea. “Before, I wanted to change everything and change everything. Now, it’s just a small revolution. “