How to motivate yourself to the gym during cold, dark days


I like to solve the problem, as a senior editor of the health department, which is an important part of my work. But I was the first to acknowledge the movement of the weather when the weather is cold and dark. When my alarm is exercising before get off work, it turns black and darkens again at 4 p.m. Plus, living in New York City means snowing, air-conditioned hiking to the subway to fitness.

But one thing I knew well about myself was that my mood plummeted in the autumn and winter. To a certain extent, my winter blues antidote. So, I found some tips that can help me stay consistent – in turn, I am happier throughout the cold season and are more focused throughout the steps. Read Fall and Winter Exercise Motivation Hacker work for me. . . That may suit you too.
Wake up, bright music

If I exercise in the morning before work, the hardest part for me is to get out of bed. Once you get up, I’ll set it. So when my alarm goes off, I immediately turn on the bedside lamp and play my Spotify fitness playlist from my phone. Even if I lay in bed for a few more minutes, gentle light and good pitch kept me alert enough so I would not be snoozing again.

Or enjoy the holidays as early as possible and invest in Sonos wireless speakers. The Sonos mobile app allows you to set an alarm so you can see your cooker playlist when you wake up, a hint I got from Rumble Boxing lecturers Ashley Wilking and Nike Coach in New York City.
“I like to choose my songs based on my day,” Wilkin told the health department. “If I need to get up at 4am, I love something to cheer me on – I’m going to rap or hip-hop, and if I want to get up and start my day, but to keep a mellow atmosphere, I’ll go to Spotify On the Coffee House Chill or Indie Acoustics playlists. ”

Warm up on the way to the gym

If you, like me, can not (or do not) like to work from home, you have to find a way to make cold gym commuting easier to manage. If the weather allows and is safe, try the journey as a warm-up opportunity. “I always ride my Citi bike,” said Wilkin. “It will get you moving until you have to exercise.”

Is wet or ice blocking you jogging or cycling there? Use good music or podcasts to distract yourself. “I put on an audiobook – what I’m hearing now is that you are a bad guy: how to stop the suspicion of your greatness and start living a wonderful life with Jen Sincero with our little Aussie shepherd Mia Stroll by the water, says Wilkin.

Follow fitness influencers

Like many people, before I got up, I woke up and turned a bit social media, which allowed me to discover the Insta story from New York City personal trainer and Joelle Cavagnaro, a high school health and physical education teacher.

Cabanaaro woke up at five in the morning, recording her dark walk to the gym, exercising and she (still dark) hiked home. She offers lively reviews and super inspirational suggestions. Every day watching Cavagnaro’s efforts make me think that if she did it before the sun rose, I could do the same.
She told the Ministry of Health: “Knowing that somebody follows my journey, my workout, my daily routine, helps me stay on track, just as it did for them.
Become a regular

For months I’ve been working on a specific Switch Playground and my workouts have been more consistent than ever. I will be there in the rain (or cold, or wind) or shine.

First of all, I like physical exercise – it’s especially important for making fitness sticks, especially at the most difficult times of the year. (“It is quite difficult to stick with your nasty workout plan,” Cabavalo said. “If you hate treadmill, do not run on treadmill”).