Cook rich chocolate cake with caramel macaron


I realized I had not mentioned my little bakery for a while. Every setback is added in a matter of weeks; month after month, and I’m still waiting for core drilling and gas installations until I know the summer is over. I was often left behind by the large number of grafts I needed and what went wrong when a gear stopped working for a short time. However, what is even more obvious is that there have been only some minor tragedies in the past few weeks, so I finally have an open day.

Later this month, after 10 months of hard work, we will open for the first time. I am vague now because I know there is no problem with Atholl Street at this time and there is no doubt that there will be more problems to deal with in the coming weeks. I expect at least two more disasters to happen. Anyway, last (hopefully) by my side, I felt sick and dizzy.

The hardest thing is baking and testing on recipes that draw, tuck, order inventory, and try to understand the to-do list next month. The number of instruments is amazing. I think I spent almost all of the time behind the screen, barely enough time in the past few months to produce great forms. So I’m always grateful for this column because it gives me a great opportunity to show off what I’ve provided and drag me back to the kitchen.
C obnuts is a glorious little parcel. Starting with the bright, young nuts, they are wrapped in soft greens, tasting a subtle sweetness of fresh coconut and then transformed into hard, heavy kernels wrapped in hard caramel shells. The old hazelnut tastes closer to its relative hazelnut. It is at this point that they are best to cook with them.

? His recipe here is a staple in my pudding notebook, but I guess cobnuts add extra things to the program. That whiskey ice cream (this whiskey is easy, incredible delicious) should be enough to inspire my opening day.