This $2,715 shoe, hidden gadget makes you feel like James Bond


The idea of disguising secret gadgets as everyday objects is not new. However, balancing excellent design with cool features is always a challenge. It was only recently that Oliver Sweeney, a British luxury shoe company, and, a luxury goods site, created the James Bond shoes, both of which reached elegance.
The custom-made shoes, called secret shoes, have six hidden gadgets that can help a fashionable gentleman face everything from missing keys to robbery, hijacking or kidnapping.
There are twelve custom products to choose from, including the Long-CZ global minimum and thinnest phone; Enklov’s pocket spy camera; Mini Swiss army knife; Tracking device; Oliver Sweeney perfume a minute later atomizer; And Kerv’s world’s first contactless payment system: each of these hidden gadgets is covered by the inner bottom. You can also request special Spaces to hide the alternate keys.
For those of you who are security conscious, have what you can worry about with your shoes a knife and electronic device, according to marcel norbill, founder VeryFirstTo, superbrand and coolpad BrandLeaders. Just remember: make sure you take a knife before passing through airport security.

Don’t get me wrong, not all of the spy features are hidden. Shoelaces made of kevlar can be cut through friction to cut wood or plastic. “So if you find yourself zipper binding, you have a chance to fight!” “Said nobier.
Cool gadgets, secret shoes are beautiful. With the details of Oliver Sweeney’s signature tattoo, there’s a writer who can write unique details on the sole, whether it’s a name, blood type, address GPS coordinates or anything else.
As for the actual design, Tim Cooper, President of Oliver Sweeney, points out:
Its contours and designs are skillfully based on practicality and are very interesting. This is a middle cut, which is midway between a boot and a shoe. The reason I do this is to create enough space for the secret compartment without compromising aesthetics or showing hidden things.
The whole process will take two weeks time ancona in Italy, the whole production process requirements of 20 craftsmen work through more than 70 different stages, including cutting, sewing, lasting and finishing, to ensure that every little tool is suitable for the specific compartment within the sole.
As a last resort, the shoe has built-in lift, which can increase height by two inches. Although it’s almost related to gadgets, it’s an ideal secret feature.