A new generation of beautiful loners is changing the fashion in Seoul


Just after midnight in Seoul, the streets of peart’s yard were filled with local children hopping between clubs. Flavor of vodka and wine were taken down, pour in the throat, pour into the beer, everyone together to dance, to concrete the sunrise of the room, there is the smell of sweat. The carefree image of south Korean youth culture has lasted until now. However in 20 minutes in a hole in the south, the emergence of a more peaceful rebel: more than 20 years old, alone sitting in a cafe, a glass of wine, in the ordinary course of looking for freedom of loneliness. “Nae mam daero” has become their voice – “my way” – which is one reason why Seoul’s fashion is at a new creative peak.
2017 is a year in which hancheng or independence movement has taken root in Seoul; More south koreans are now more lonely than couples or families. Already an unfamiliar concept (living with parents until marriage is standard), the public city has been shaken a lot. H ((drinking alone) and honbap (alone) eating, a small bar and on the walls of the cave have diner pop up to cater to them – a clean room, can sit on a private barbecue, personal a row in front of the TV frame. Last fall, a popular TV show called Honsul, solo or drinking, riffed trend, there is a call the magazine’s singles: “a fashion and lifestyle magazines to help single people feel happy and proud when the choice.”
Like everything in South Korea, this new independence movement is not possible with political separation. Last summer at ewha women’s university began a peaceful protest against young women, corrupt officials linked to then-president park gan-hui. They have been leaning against the book, but these rules never apply to those in power. Fed up with the status quo, their voices got louder and louder and eventually toppled the government. That is the way north Korea is, and its menacing presence is deeply rooted in everyday life. But the rise of Donald trump has caused a shift: when things are going to collapse, kids seem to be saying: why waste another second? (not surprisingly, “YOLO” is getting bigger, too.)

It takes shape in a small way: a solo film trip, skipping the office fun and spending the night at home. The older generation is worried that young people are too focused on themselves because they leave their communities and families. There is always some danger of being too isolated. This is one of the reasons why many hon have joined, creating a common culinary and culinary collective prosperity, but beyond that. Ultimately, it’s about taking time for yourself. It is to put down the pressure of the society – to marry a certain age, to work steadily, never ask questions, not to care about other people’s thoughts.
This spirit runs through the arts center in Seoul. It was in the model Ahreum ahn, the coolest girl in the city, who chose to buck the tradition, moved out of her home, and became a comfortable qingtan studio to further her dream. She was photographed by Young Jun Koo, a self-portrait photographer who lived alone in South Korea’s cave, photographing street editorials during the day and visiting cafes on motorcycles at night.
It can be Rare to find in the Market, this concept store owner Jessica Jung and Dami Kwon has the most rebellious sense to buy in the city, including the local department store has never been the coveted labels (Attico Facetasm, Eckhaus Latta) range. Now, they lead the way. Restaurant at Parc and the center of the fashion crowd, owner Pak Mogua established an original illicit close space, unlike chichi tavern at that time, it provides a simple home cooking, single may be omitted from the mother’s kitchen. In a corner with a bottle of soju and a bowl of beef stew, this is a perfect place for a person.
And, more importantly, the new feeling IS guidance IS 99% of the country’s most promising designers – Bajowoo — Hyein xu Goen clock Goen. J, SCHO Zhao Baozhu studio, so more and more people, who refuse to work within set some boundaries. They are paving the way, so their designs stand next to the world’s best emerging talent. To break free is a beautiful thing.