Be ready to gaze into 2018 with these new flash glasses


At this moment of political and cultural upheaval, it is difficult for us to use any thing to think about our situation, but with his bright flash sunglasses, Eric Steginsky wants to help us change – literally – how we look at things. “It’s a frustrating time, and there are so many things happening in the world,” he said. “I want people to put these on a little vacation every time.” He launched the planets and I have some styling at the end of 2017, including the wild style around the face, and the more relaxed 1970s glamorous aviators known as the “Space Cowboy”. All styles have the same instant effect, elevating their mood, and indicating that the wearer is a star-struck thing, although the sparkling effect is the best of a sunny experience. “When someone sees you wearing them, you don’t mistakenly think you’re different,” says the designer. “it changes the dynamics of the interaction. “They say to people, don’t take things seriously! Calm down! Just goodness!
Steginsky spent about a year experimenting with manufacturers trying to find the right proportions for glass. “You have to have an exact ratio so that people can still see them,” he said. “I must be a flash expert. I’m going to the party store and I’m a fan of union square Halloween shop. I’ll penetrate the material. “In the end, he found the perfect flicker (he wouldn’t reveal the specs of the fear copy) and inject them directly into the lens. “Never,” he said. “They’re like a Snapchat filter for your face.” Planet my tonal range from changchun to orange – nod, optimistic outlook, brand rose color. “The sparkling sparks look like they’re alive,” Steginsky said. “Although it seems a little cheap to shine on your skin or clothes, there are some things in the lens that look like money. ”

The glasses were a natural evolution for Steginsky, who allowed his “science nerd” dad to help him fall asleep like a little boy by talking about the huge space between the universe. “I’m a distant child,” Steginsky said. “I was so different, Shouting the sky,” what the fuck am I? Why am I here? How did I get here from bacterial feces? What is consciousness? I’m obsessed with the inside of a black hole – I want to know what’s inside. “As he grew older, he became interested in fashion and found himself more inclined to be a more avant-garde director like French surrealist Thierry Mugler. “I remember falling in love with his bedbugs,” he said. “the models were wearing crazy glasses and they looked like insects. “Fashion is so important, and fashion is not always something that is ironic and indifferent.
There is a special person who embodies Steginsky’s passion and love for glitzy glitz. He said: “I need dolly parton to wear my glasses. “I put her motto:” it costs a lot of money to look at this cheap thing. “One of his shapes, the moon walker, was named after Michael Jackson, who was so fond of sparkles that he wore gloves all the way to his socks. “He is the king of flashes,” said sturkinski. “He reminds people that life is special – and I think that’s why he’s so popular.” Steginsky has completed an exact mission in “planet I” : put the stars in your eyes; Sometimes the key to happiness is to look at things from a dizzying Angle; Through the flicker, the flickering hope prism filters everything. “My planet is a way of looking at the world, a beauty that is divorced from reality,” he said. “It would be nice to wear a flash glass. We’re all going to be fine. “