What’s Next for Bode Miller After Skiing? Hint: Think Fashion


Bode Miller first tried to use fashion design as a child when he tried to change a bulky ski jacket into something more aerodynamic. “We bought a fluffy coat that day,” he said.

His mother taught him how to sew, so young Mr. Miller trimmed the extra fabric with a pair of scissors. The result is less flying, but it’s not completely ready for the runway. “But it doesn’t matter,” he said, “because I’m eight years old in New Hampshire.”

Thirty years later, the former professional ski team is in full circle.

Last year, in his second daughter was born, with the approaching of the retirement (he) was formally established in October, Mr Miller became the equity partners, and is Aztech Mountain chief innovation officer, Aztech Mountain is located in the emerging companies in New York and Aspen, Colorado which function and strong fashion jacket. In doing so, he joined laird Hamilton, kelly Slater, David Beckham and other athletes who threw themselves into clothing after their retirement.

Mr. Miller said he first came in contact with Aztech Mountain in the andes and took commercial photos of a ski and polar company Bomber. He has a 10,000-foot Mountain in the mountains of Chile, and he grabs a Aztech Mountain jacket from a designer’s hanger. He was so impressed that he asked his broker to pay close attention to the label.

Later, coincidentally, Mr. Miller met brand founders David Roth and Anthony Rutgers at a party in New York City. Starting in 2013, the brand is still in its infancy, and the model has attracted Mr. Miller, who is looking for a role to go beyond traditional celebrity endorsers.

“I realized they were small and they were just getting started and that was good for me,” miller said. “My name and my knowledge of the industry and my relationship with distribution and similar things. I think I have a lot to put on the table. ”

That would be an understatement. After all, Mr Miller has six MEDALS, including 2010 Olympic Games held in vancouver, British Columbia men’s combination of gold, and from the world ski championships four gold MEDALS in the Alps. Despite the reputation of his early party boys, he was generally regarded as one of the best male alpine skiers in the history of the sport.

In late September, therefore, a warm morning, Mr. Miller recently turned 40, in long island city, queens, a photography studio for brand of winter made the best impression which appearance and activities. Mr Miller is wearing a grey dress, including a stylish jacket, ski pants and half zipper sweater, he made a very good model, not only because the strength of the cold blue eyes and his handsome appearance.

“They made me cheap,” he says with a laugh, and a stylist tugged at him from a photographer.

Mr. Miller has a laid-back energy and a confidence, confidence, arrogance, all of which add up to a wobbly charm. He’s an Olympian, but you can easily imagine him playing a beer and watching football. In fact, his fondness for the good times was not only noticed, but also a source of controversy in the stimulating relationship with the news media.

But Mr. Miller isn’t just a pretty face. He made his own comments about the pockets of the material, how to place the vents and how to complete the cuff or hem of the jacket so as to fit seamlessly with gloves or boots. These are the details of his decades on the slopes that give him unique insights.

“I like to think about things that most people feel uncomfortable about,” he said, referring to the role of transition to speech patterns. “This is something for people who are technically knowledgeable and want to get something right. We want it to look better than anyone else, to be the kind of thing you wear around the city and wear on the hills. ”

So far, the market appears to be response: including Barneys New York, London’s Harrods luxury shops and Mr Porter, and Aztech Mountain, and including deer valley resort is located in Utah Cole, Sport and is located in st moritz, Switzerland Skiservice Corvatsch resorts, etc. According to the brand, the price ranges from a non-insulating coat of $550 to a wool Nuke Suit signature coat of $1,895 in seven digital ranges.

In addition to his role in Aztech and the Bomber, Mr. Miller will be a commentator on NBC Sports during the 2018 winter Olympics. He founded the tortoise ridge foundation in 2005, a nonprofit that supports youth sports programs.

In a longer skiing career than most people, he planted the seeds of his retirement. Formal retirement means Mr. Miller can devote more fully to philanthropy, commentary and entrepreneurship, not to mention living in California with his wife and children.