Cardi B has just landed in her first major fashion collaboration


Official: 2017 is Cardi B’s year. The 25-year-old hip-hop artist not only become the second in her debut single “Bodak Yellow” does not appear in the Billboard Charts of 100 on a list of the singer, but she also became the darling of the fashion, fashion is dubbing her New York fashion week 2018 spring “in front of the queen”.
Although we are still in the patience to wait for the Bronx rappers inevitable hairdressing contracts, but we still have other expectations: her cooperation with Steve Madden, this is her first major fashion cooperation.

During the festival, Cardi (neeBelcalis Almanzar) teamed up with shoe brands to plan her favorite shoe, which she showed in a video series called Cardi B daily tips. The series contains rappers from grammy nominations – the first video shows a “every woman must have a pair of” Daisie “pointy shoes Cardi modelling, and the rest of the video display is” Dominique “thigh boots and make you look like as many” hell “, “white platform” Foxy “, “cute and sexy resonance during the day” and “p. firm ssy – poppin applauded” pink called Mimi “clap bottom shoes”.
For Cardi, this collaboration seems to be a day, she told Teen Vogue, she wanted to use a kind of her fans can come into contact with the brand, even though she attacked the “bloody shoes” (also known as Christian Louboutin heels). Madden, who seems to be a fan of rappers, told WWD: “Cardi is a very homemade woman. I went into the whole home-made journey. We admire her very much and we admire what she is doing. I’m like the male version of Cardi B.