Our top ten fashion moments from 2017


Looking back, this year is – how do I get this subtle? – one interesting thing about politics, economics and culture is fashion. The awards show that street style and celebrity OOTD are not only a happy distraction, but also a necessary priority. They have brought new trends to the spotlight (and, seriously, how many pregnancies have been revealed by queen Bey’s Instagram?). And let the world feel like it’s moving on (goodbye). Also, who doesn’t love the Internet red carpet moment or the kardashians’ campaign (Yeezy, I look at you)?
Here are ten fashion moments that give us the life of 2017.
With the change of “fashion” in the UK, the new head of fashion, Edward Enninful, covers for the first time, waiting to breathe. Adwoa Aboah didn’t disappoint NewVogue in all her blue-eyed glory.
Undeniably, the Kaia Gerber fashion party’s 2018 spring runway. One of the most memorable moments from all the fashion months is saint Laurent’s strapless sequined velvet skirt. It’s hard to know where to look at the Eiffel Tower, the clothes or the supermodels.
Katy Perry (Katy Perry) may have embraced this year the Met Gala theme (sichuan long bao ling/Comme des Garcons for those who need to review), in a bubble bright-coloured red Maison Margiela veil/coat/skirt, but Cara Delevingne shiny piece in silver Chanel suit, the scalp.
Peel your eyes off that huge firework, wait a minute. With the news of her engagement to prince harry, Meghan Markle’s tailors (as a princess who cannot be missed) will remain in our memories forever. The white coat of Canadian Line Line will also become mainstream, and all fashion choices will start here.

This is celine’s world. We just live in it. After the return of high fashion, mainly thanks to Law Roach (aka @ luxurylaw) savvy modelling, as well as her in the fashion magazine “Vogue” magazine photograph of a fashion show in her fashion icon Dion returned to our line of sight. Always knew she could.
If queen B is not included, then no fashion is complete. As the world’s most epic (and meme ‘d) pregnancy announcement and the memorable golden goddess grammys, no one brings you like beye.
ASHLEY graham has been around for quite a year. If an American fashion cover, the issue of a book, the image of a barbie doll and a television’s works is not enough, she still shaking red carpet and runway across the globe, and just as many sports illustrated.
Millie, Bobby Brown (Millie Bobby Brown) can hardly break the barrier of teenagers, but look at her sets (with more than 10 million fans), feed and designer Ralph simmons (Raf Simons) take full of sweet, do you know where the child was. Her white tulle Calvin Klein solidified her position through Emmys’s appointment dress.
If there’s a brand that’s the epitome of 2017, it’s gucci. Alessandro Michele’s unique grasp of fashion is inevitable. Instantly recognisable loafers, pilot jackets and embroidered sweaters sprang up everywhere, but the most notable was Harry Styles, who made the printed suit a stage signature.
There isn’t any color on RiRi’s red carpet in 2017. No shadow is too bold, from egg yolk yellow and deep red to dusty lavender and eye-color red. Perhaps the most beautiful of all was the pale pink millennium dress that she wore in her valery premiere. The Insta title may have been read, “spam,” but if she throws our feed in style inspo any day, we’re cool.