Russell westbrook knows how to pack the biggest style in the road


Russell westbrook doesn’t care what you think of his style. Oklahoma city thunder star may because he is in the power of (he won the 2017 NBA MVP award in this year) and into the public eye, but in a smart tailoring and low-key aesthetic world, Wisconsin brooke’s extreme style of his extraordinary athleticism. This week, he brought his creative talents to the travel world and worked with luggage brand Tumi.
The series includes six bags and a key chain that costs between $55 and $795 and is now available online. The works are made from a bright red camouflage made of ballistics, which can be both bold and wear-resistant for westbrook.
“As myself and the style I represent, I want to do something different,” he said. “Tumi was excited to make some breakthrough but still useful colors.”
Westbrook knew the practicality of the road. The demanding schedule of an NBA star means the guy travels a lot. In the collection, his dopp kit gets the most use. (inside? Deodorant, there’s nothing “unusual” about lotion. He attributes his packaging and travel habits to a science: pick up water and candy (preferably sour), wear Jordan’s sportswear, and don’t be afraid to pack.

“I always pack things for the unknown,” westbrook said. “There’s always something that might be on me, and there are strategies, different clothes, different shirts, different jeans, something to mix. ”
Of course, the idea of mixing and matching westbrook is a little… Looser than everyone else. With one focus he deviated from the classic menswear idea and jumped into another style of the world, the color clash, the print does not flow, the only constant constant. And a lot of times, it works. This is westbrook’s brand, his life motto (and the most popular Instagram caption) summing up: “why not?
“A lot of people probably just don’t know what I’m thinking,” he said. “But I just went with my feelings.
Speak your style, but westbrook’s striking self-awareness is impressive. He knew the reaction he had caused by his fashion choices. He knows you may not know it. He doesn’t care.
“I think [learning my style] is a great evolution for me,” westbrook said. “Everything happens in one process, I love the process, there is no regret, I have all this.