Why 2017 is a beauty tycoon for a year


Near the end of his year and makeup finally shines a different future on the horizon. In the past 12 months, the biggest names in the beauty industry have been Pat McGrath and Rihanna, who have all created sales products that can correct the long-standing European hub approach in the beauty industry and are designed for all skin colors – Rihanna, , Her Fenty line and beauty industry head Pat McGrath Labs.
The two big shareholders to share a lot. They all have huge, intense social media attention (McGrath has 1.6 million Instagram fans; Rihanna has 58.5 million fans). They even shared models – the size of beauty and Fenty Beauty sports star Paloma Elsesser was originally discovered on Instagram McGrath Muse goddess. However, the two routes are very different.

One of the world’s top make-up artists, McGrath is renowned for creating highly detailed art appearances. She designs make-up in the top fashion houses and draws celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. As one of the few black make-up artists who work in a very white environment, her efforts are due to the fact that she and her mother will never find black women who are suitable for living in the UK. This year, Pat McGrath Labs was launched in Europe. She has not yet sold the foundation (these beauties are obsessed with upcoming rumors), but her make-up has sequins and rich, saturated pigments designed to create the gobsmacking look she is famous for.
This year, three days after she was presented with the Isabella Blow Creator Award by the Fashion Awards, she proved her superstar status by launching an eight-piece set.

Rihanna is certainly an international superstar, but this is not the only reason that her Fenty Beauty line is immediately out of the competition. The revelation is that its foundation has 40 shades from the very start and is very difficult to establish in a profession that has long established a very good foundation for very dark skin (without gray or gray effect).

“In every product, I do this: ‘There is something that needs to be done for a dark-skinned girl, something that needs a real pale girl; she needs something in between,’ she said in a press release of 17 promoters One said.

When another makeup brand, Ultra HD, challenged her dominance, she posed saying “The 40 Shadows are nothing new to us,” her objection was icy: “Lol. Still ashes.”

For dark-skinned black women, Fenty Beauty is especially an earthquake. Although black women reportedly spend nine times more of their hair and beauty products than white women, these black women have not been taken care of by a racist and colorful industry for many years. There is no doubt that the shadow of the Fenty Foundation has been selling.
Albinism patients such as Krystal Robertson rejoice. Her praise for Instagram products is forwarded by Rihanna himself. “I was always discouraged when I started to understand make-up,” she said. “I was always discouraged from constantly trying to obscure the mix and realized the money was wasted on the product.” I was a very shy person, but when I make up It feels like empowering. ”

The sales value for just a month has reached 72 million U.S. dollars and the mid-range price for Fenty Beauty is between 8 and 46 pounds, which means everyone can get their enhanced glow from Rihanna, Series is Harvey Nichol’s largest beauty product so far, even surpassing MAC, selling a bottle of foundation every minute and lip gloss every three minutes in September.
The timing of Rihanna’s success is staggering: just two weeks ago Monroe Berndorf, L’Oreal’s first black transmutation model, was dropped from the real campaign after commenting on systematic racism . The high-profile consequences are dramatically greater than the one-year marketing campaign with L’Oreal claims that the company is educating the beauty industry about the lack of diversity in makeup, and the real game is hailed as the only “mainstream” The brand base, covering 98% of the British skin color.
“Rihanna killed it with Ventilation,” said Burddorf. “This is a perfect example of how diversity can be celebrated over the surface, and it is especially needed when many other companies just make it as a marketing strategy to make money out of stained women.

This is not to say that Fendi is perfect: Most models Rihanna have adapted to established beauty standards with clear skin and “acceptable” body shapes. Although Rihanna praised symbolism and commented that she does not think it is fair that a transgender woman or man is being used as a convenient marketing tool, Bergdorf said the brand may be more inclusive. “Diversity is a constantly evolving thing, with transgender, physically handicapped – the problems we need to solve.”

But as a starting point for a new era of makeup diversity, Fenty and McGrath Labs started a brilliant start.