Gucci Channel Elton John Milan Fashion Week show


The authenticity of the idea, the Camus rebellion, the nature of 17th-century cartography and the writings of Elton John’s wear-and-tear fashion shows showed that opening Milan Fashion Week did not amount to corporal punishment in the clear formula of business success. But this is Gucci, avant-garde fashion designer Alessandro Michele way to confuse the industry.

The financial results released by the fashion company this summer show that sales have risen dramatically, to an astonishing 43.4%. Even more striking is Gucci’s fashion setting, which maps the Roman ruins of Horace’s villa with notes of post-structural Gucci favored by the younger generation of most traditional brands: half Gucci customers in 1980.
Michelle is the most successful fashion designer in a decade, though (probably because) seems not interested in clothes. Michelle did not mention a single piece of clothing after a 25-minute pre-editorial briefing at Gucci, a magnificent Modernist palace built to commemorate the golden boy.

“Sometimes I think it would be easier if I could make some pretty shoes for the shop, but no, I want to change the aesthetics of the entire company so that I can change my fashion,” he said. “I want to be creative. The things that bring change and growth to the world. ”

Diversity and authenticity are frequent themes. Michelle said: “I tried to promote the concept of fashion and destroy the old fashion norms.” An hour later, a Michelle woman dressed in embroidered coat wearing a fashion show.

“Fashion is trying to keep the code of Mr. Dior’s new era, the old way of thinking is” the new season is blue, “or” the new ballerina, “I’m not interested in. When the actors told me a model “She is beautiful, she’s a new face, she has legs.” – I do not care at all. I care about the girl’s romantic way, the way she looks at the world, not the way she looks. I want to tell a story, so I want to think in terms of a movie. ”
Michele’s Gucci suddenly took to the catwalk in early 2015, immersed in Medici’s symbolic and Renaissance silhouettes from where the disco moved from last year to the discotheque and then to hip-hop and many eye-catching red herrings – along the way Lined shoes.
The beauty of this season turned to gorgeous rock, inspired by Elton John’s stage costume. On Valentine’s Day 1984, the Elton John-married male model wore a high waist jumpsuit and a power-shouldered sweatshirt. The jewelery features feminine models while the female model looks like Renate Blauel.

But for all the progress speech, Gucci’s success is based on the basic stability of a season on the identity. Its fans will pay high prices because by refusing the trend cycle, Michelle products sold have a longer shelf life, keeping Gucci more than a season.

All of the key elements of Gucci’s aesthetics – smooth 1970s sportswear, pharmacy hairclips, shrunken pants, rainbow stripes, weird glasses, naughty slogans, halter shoes, a fur coat in a long skirt, Reference, pearl – is totally valid.

How Gucci turned the artist’s screenplay into box office gold hinted at the invitation’s performance. Each guest received a GUCCY tinted pharmacy decorated with candles, matches, scented paper and silk thread. The designer explains: “This show is a mantra I’ve given you.” “Like a wizard.”