Italy 90’s – the new darling of fashion ten years


In the 1940s, which used to take 30s, 70s, or 50s through the prism of the 1980s between 10 and 10 years ago. no longer. This is 2017, and we’ve explored the revival of the 90s, thanks to a better understanding of the Tumblr generation’s in-depth knowledge of Destiny’s children’s wardrobe and friends’ hairstyles. Milan saw its sense of decadent fascination in all the spectacle of the 90s – R & B on the front tracks and bumbags. There are five ways to get cats going downhill in ten years.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Gianni Versace. His sister Donatella, who has headed the company since then, paid tribute to her brother, calling the popular models Carla, Claudia, Naomi, Cindy and Helena. The five extras come to the end with George Michael’s “Freedom” Freedom Donatella. Fabulous, moving at the same time.
Fendi’s F brand has returned to this season’s fashion show, shoppers and bombers. As I grew up, it was a familiar sight to watch as Carrie began thinking about the city of Fendi baguettes. This may mark the imminent arrival of these marks as an integral part of Paris Hilton in the early 00s. Be warned: “It’s hot” may soon become a tagline.

Donatella Versace said young customers often ask her about the 90’s brand used to do leggings, so they returned to the fashion show this season. Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) is another 90-year-old brand, has also become part of their series. Printed leggings matching printed shirts, equivalent to Phoebe Buffay, Series 1.
Francesco Risso, Marni’s new designer, said he was inspired by what he did with a skateboard bezel. Although this may sound uncoordinated, this photo helped him to create some XXL polo shirts that also wear XXL pants. They look like Casper wore children’s clothes and steal beer from deli. Hey, no matter what the work.
In Gucci’s “never enough” policy, it is easy to conclude minimalism. But in fact, there is a lot of quiet clothes – they work like palate cleaners between the 62 textures that become standard. Jil Sander was a minimalist giants in the 90s, with brand new creative directors Luke and Lucie Meier paying tribute. Their first collection is about the minimalism of the soul – what they call the combination is the core of Sander’s aesthetics.