Victoria Beckham mixes the color of ice cream with understated elegance


One of the most surprising things he spent on the stylish arm of the Beckham business was spending the morning – or, more specifically, sitting opposite David and Brooklyn, and watching the Spring / Summer 2018 fashion show in Victoria – how experience was more Easily feel more than any other time in New York Fashion Week.

Considering there are two spectacular spectacles on Saturday night: Alexander Wang, models performing “guerilla” fashion shows all over New York, and portable speaker systems on both sides, lighting equipment and Harley Davidson Davidsons) ranks. And Philipp Plein’s “Good Gone Bad” event, in which models have sprouted in booming music and Dita von Teese performing a comic show in the giant Martini glass .
In Victoria Beckham on the other hand, the display is very simple. Although David and Brooklyn have provided some of the power of celebrities (sitting in the novels of fashion magazine British editor Ednard Enning and fashion director Venetia Scott) The main part is the spotlight. It’s also a very powerful collection, including loose linen suits, trailblazers stacked on top of one another, flowing evening gowns and frills. While personal creations are fairly easy to access, dress up and familiar – great dresses, pants and tailoring premium versions, not weird avant-garde pieces – imaginative styling and slightly weird color combinations like pistachios and cloves help Make sure the overall impression is fresh and unexpected.

Glittering accessories – a glittering handbag peeking from the shirt pocket, glittering moss heels and a silver and red flat sparkling mule. These incredible beautiful (Beckham later said her little daughter Harper, Disney film “Frozen” fans, when she saw them on Facetime, fell in love with them), but The appearance is simple and sometimes not male appearance, so the effect is to grow princessy.

Beckham spoke in a thoughtful way about the technical details and techniques used. “Make me think of school math exams,” “little exams.” The marbling wavy lines turn into “Molbu” print patterns that are “flattened, killed and manipulated to make them real graphics.” Frill skirt.

She added: “Deliciousness can mean strength.” This collection is about many of the power of women. These are the colors to play; the color of the ice cream, “she added.” Fresh and summer, but not too sweet. They have some weird stuff together and feel really fresh and cool and interesting. ”
Beckham is now a fashion designer for nine years – more than two years she is a spice girl – and in the fashion world she has been transitioning from inside to inside for a long time, as evidenced by backstage supporter Brock Lin and models and David chat with Suzy Menkes, a prominent fashion critic.
It is not surprising that the industry likes her because she respects the convention. Her fashion show does not seem to be winning Instagram’s “like” brand, but selling the clothes she should wear. She said: “It’s not about making an impossible show.” That’s not the way I want to dress up, that’s not what I believe women want to wear. There is nothing here that you can not wear directly. That is to say, this is a very honest collection.

The evolution of Beckham’s own appearance is a key part of her fashion designer’s narrative. Her PVC jumpsuit and bread crumb corset now feel a world. As recently tabbed in her tabloid recently noticed, she’s wearing a simple white T-shirt, pants or jeans for the past four days and is wearing it today again, joining editors and designers, trends and wearing similar outfits .

“I really do not have time to think about the clothes I wear,” she said. “My closet is full of white T-shirts, so many busy weeks are not easy things to remember. “Although in Beckham’s case, you can imagine yourself using the best billboards for her own – wearing ice cream colors long ago in the spring and summer of 2018.