Why models always seem so mean? Well, they have good reason


At about 17,321,212, this column found it could only answer readers’ questions with some help from David Sedaris. Do not we all want Cedric to have a weekly style column? And restaurant review slot? And celebrity gossip column? The whole newspaper just for yourself? Not many people will be in a hurry to pay for anything, and even fewer will bring greater intelligence in this area than any so-called expert. But I will pay The Daily Sedaris three times the fee.
So Iain’s question reminds me of a one-size-fits-all genius in one of Sedaris’s stories. (Sorry, but I can not find which one because if I start browsing my Sedaris library then I will start reading this column will never be done, as well as deadlines, baby, deadlines.) Sedaris recalled him on the ground When I was young, I realized that this innocent child, in his youthful universe, was the sun and the moon, completely unknown to children in other schools. Those children have a completely different cult of God and have absolutely no idea of ??the rules of Cedarith’s naive social circle, and to him he looks as if he is gravity.

When someone asked me a question like Ian, I felt a similar surprise, a person questioned the basis of fashion. As you rightly note, the models often look rather miserable in fashion shows, as some readers may have discovered, in many of the photographs of the current fashion show. And not just there, but in the high-end fashion magazines; except for very, very rare exceptions, the models in fashion shoots generally look just as happy as the people who just discovered their new partner is Nigel Farage. Looks miserable is equivalent to extremely thin facial expressions, in this sense, the more miserable model, the more thin and more elite fashion show or magazine. So, in the catalog, the models often look like cheerful and curvaceous Holly Willoughby. In these outstanding publications, models have the body and wounded expression of prisoners of war. The same is true of this show: in a sweet little dress in London’s Fashion Week, there is often such a budget that Brexit may hardly buy you a post-dairy, and the model looks healthy and relaxed. But then you will go to Milan and Paris, where the fanciers perform. As time goes by, the models seem to fade away, leaving only their frown, like the Cheshire cat, but sc (( Not a stripe.) A few years ago I went to St. Laurent Show, and Yves Saint Laurent is my favorite brand, but I know nothing about this dress, on the contrary, I am more and more obsessed with the model, every model seems to have More attractive than the previous model wearing, running up and down the runway, as if someone promised they would have a cake, they lied again.

So why is it so? Well, as discussed earlier in this column, the fashion industry is about the queer children of high school, and more precisely the queer about American high school movies in the 1980s. This means smoking is still considered cool, except for horror, which looks a little lame. So while Kate Moss’s photos generally show her laugh, it looks funny, but in fashion magazines she is staring at the camera for an angry death. Just as Cedric’s belief in the importance of young children at a young age, fashion people see the rule as generally known and respected.
Now we can talk about a seemingly female profession all day, but show that what we want most is looks half-hungry and miserable. In fact, we do it! I have no other plans – is it? (Except rereading David Sedaris, of course.) So the big fashion group LVMH recently announced that it “banned” the 0 model, which is one of which may mean something, if only 0 What it means, not. There is no standardized size to illustrate the actual meaning of any size, including size 0. In addition, given that most models are very tall, they need to be larger in size so that the clothes are long enough to cover their dampened limbs, so there is little if any size How, no matter how thin.

In any case, the premium brands in the LVMH family, including Christian Dior, Céline and Marc Jacobs, will not stop using slimming models, as LVMH knows. A statement like this is nothing more than – I really hate this term – the virtue signal. LVMH knows that doing so will make them look good, but nothing will change. After politicians began to “take measures” of the “slimming model” on a regular basis, the models have obviously become larger? I will answer my own question well: No, they do not. But these statements are definitely good, are not they?

So, Iain, you ask me why the model looks so miserable? I will tell you. They look painful because they are unwilling to be belittled – the media, the boss, the ignorant statesman – in the name of what appears to be waking up while being forced to keep the BMI under the age of 19 so that people do not think they are These days are trapped in the Littlewoods product catalog. Because this is the reality of the fashion industry and the social expectations of the industry. That will surprise you, is not it?