You may think that you will not wear these trends in Milan Fashion Week, but you will


I know what you’re thinking, if I pay, you will not wear such clothes. Your father’s 80s suit jacket, white lace pajamas, head up the fruit basket, punk necklaces and square sunglasses, a Gucci? Uh, I do not think so. A cartoon print of the kroner jacket with a knee high motion sock and winklepickers? Not today, thanks for all the same, even Prada.
Do not take this wrong way, but you’re wrong. You will wear such clothes. It is not necessarily this week, not even this year, and I admit that this is exactly the case because you will go bankrupt and people will cross the road to avoid you. But still. The clothes you see from the Milan Fashion Week have a huge impact on the clothes we all wear.

How Donald Trump should not literally take it, but it should be taken seriously, is a frequently repeated remark. Basically, this is the best way to think about Milan Fashion Week. In other words: laugh at your danger because it is real life. Things that happen on a fashion show are exaggerated and distorted but still instruct us all to wear.

There is a knack for turning fashion shows into clothes. First, do not let flashy and charismatic distract you from the real story. Do you know how Agatha Christie is in an exotic location (Orient Express, a Caribbean seaside house, the Middle East’s archeological excavations), in order to prevent readers from identifying the bones of the plot too quickly? Miuccia Prada, Donatella Versace, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana performed exactly the same at Milan Fashion Week, with so much dry ice in the Prada corridors of the supermodels (Versace, sequins, Dolce & Gabbana) Let us fall into narration, forgetting that we are selling clothes. And – remember that suspicious Mr. Owen, and then not there, who do you think is the murderer, but it turns out he’s just a pseudonym? – The designer then throws the red herring into the mixture. Carnival slogan, Gigi’s abs, crown, fake fur handbags. All just misleading.

To understand what is really happening, make it like an X-ray machine and put the silhouette back to zero. Is the clothes tight or loose? Where is the bottom line down? Where can you see the skin? What happened on the neckline: is it a clean layer or multiple collars? Is the line angular or soft? Next, look for the sections that link the different looks together. Is there a piece of clothing reappearing? Through different designers through the colors, emotions, or ten years? These clues will help you understand fashion shows. Disturb alert: I have advanced and cracked the code of Milan Fashion Week.
Do not be fooled by Gucci’s cardigan. Milan Fashion Week never how to become sexy. Last season, all the hot weather fell on the gap. As you can see on every sidewalk this summer, wearing a slim coat shows the height of the tequila above your jeans or girdle, as seen from these shows a year ago To In Milan, sexy new way is to wear a pure skirt in the visible big pants. Roberto Cavalli and Fendi and Dolce both saw this. For our part-time non-Hadi family, this is likely to translate into skirts and skirts, opaque skirts on the upper thighs of skirts and skirts, and a longer layer on top.

Below your chin is the title of your dress. This is not a fashion fact, it is a fact – the fact that: ideological links, football scarves, Theresa May’s strong and stable necklace. So although Miuccia Prada has expressed in the background of her latest show that this collection is meant to celebrate women’s gaze and call for sisters to take direct action, I think this is actually a new area for the fashion world. The default fashion show collar for the past year was a polo collar under a skirt or jacket. Here, in contrast, most garments are characterized by two sharp crew-collar tops, one on top of the other: a shirt-collar jacket or a shirt under a boxy coat. This fashion show is especially important because the fashion shows by Prada and Miu Miu helped to bring poloneck to the forefront, but it seems to happen in many places: at Jil Sander, where there is a white shirt under a black jacket, In Bottega Veneta, a colored silk shirt buckles under the contrast jacket.
Eleven models on Gucci’s fashion show wear sports jackets. Right now, I do not know how close you are to the Gucci show, but you may miss it even if you’re there. Because a checked suit jacket is wearing a full-length white lace dress, wearing a straw hat spacecraft; the other is wearing a Gucci letter combination skirt, dotted with nude socks, high-heeled sandals , Orange lipstick and a rim best described as “Farrah Fawcett’s hand on the socket.” Smoke and mirror, look! Because Gucci’s most important appearance this season is not Elton John’s sports suit, but already the fashion month front and street-style tartan jacket, it is also recognized as the focus of the next season.
Even when tired and exhausted front-line athletes like Cindy and Real Helena saw it hard to focus on fashion shows, the legacy of the new Versace line has gone beyond our original superstar style. High-rise jeans – the emphasis on the shape of the waist and buttocks, rather than hide jeans like jeans – has always been a trendy denim look, but under the guise of satirical mothers through. The new upside jeans are high waist, but not ashamed of sexy, not deliberately weird. It uses baroque-style prints, pastel colors on black leather and Versace fashion shows. In blue denim it will come soon.
We have a full-volume midi skirt; then we have midi skirts with fluid, soft power. Next season, we have a long pencil skirt. Fendi is a trendy fashion show (the protagonist is nothing more than Karl Lagerfeld, the rock ‘n’ roll), and the label brings back a long, straight skirt next summer. A lightweight top is stuffed into a stiff pencil skirt – some are black leather here and some are bold chevron stripes – is a new silhouette next summer. Also note that Gucci takes the same shape. Whether you go completely Milan, and skirts with socks and sandals are at your judgment.
Fashion flats is a very important wardrobe category. Do you want to say “I do not want to work too hard, and I am naturally that fabulous.” – You do not need to answer this question. This is a question of questioning. In that case, you need right slab shoes. For different periods of the past four years, it was a furry slide, a classic lazy guy and a simple, minimalist white coach. Next season, it will be a low pump cut on both sides, but cut to a pencil cusp. I suggest you pay attention.