30 push ups you need to know


Beginner push-ups
From the beginning there is no shame! These exercises will help build the foundation for the power needed for more advanced changes – besides, anyone who does a good old-fashioned standard push-up knows that it provides an explosive whole body workout itself. Keep in mind that you should not exercise unless you can manage a full range of exercise – a modified push-up that shrunk to your knees or to the wall if you pushed it all the way to the ground (both are explained below!) . good luck!

Out of the woods This is the first step toward a dominant path. It is basically a vertical push-up of the wall, which greatly reduces the weight the muscle must support.

The trick to getting your standard push-ups out of the desktop is to gradually get more level from the wall. Push down a table or chair on your way down, and you’re done right away.

3 in the knee
nearby! This is the same as an ordinary push-up but on the hands and knees, the foot lifts the ground as the push-up strikes the ground. It takes a lot of work away from the abdomen and legs, which is a great way to practice something.
4. Standard
congratulate! This is real McCoy, one of the most basic body weight exercises on Earth. Respect each other’s push-ups, it will be a friend of life.

5. Shoulder faucet
This is great, for the same reason as a push-up faucet push-ups, but a slightly longer faucet is better for balance.

Hand percussion
Stop at the top of the push-up and gently knock the other hand with one hand. Exchange hands with each representative. A short pause helps to improve balance and equilibrate the movement, which is a great way to improve strength.

7. Rotate
When push-up is complete, rotate the body to the side panel and clamp the upper arm directly into the air, making the body resemble a “T”. This can serve as a shoulder and oblique muscle, but also helps to improve balance.

8. thigh click
Click, tap, taparoo! The faucet on the outside of the thigh on the top of the push-up will help to strengthen those stable muscles while stretching the triceps forward again.
9. Raise one arm
It’s about stretching the stabilizer muscle equidistantly and by extending the arm in front of it to the top of the extension, this change makes it more difficult to balance, so the core gets a good workout.
10. Raise one leg
This is not as crazy as it sounds! Make a push-up, but put one leg out of the ground parallel to the ground. This adds some extra instability and recruits an extra balance to your abdomen.
11. Knuckles
Wushu lovers are everywhere, these bad boys strengthen their wrists, strengthen their knuckles, and improve their balance.

12. Interlacing
By staggering both hands (ie placing one hand farther ahead of the other), one side of the chest can be emphasized – a super useful change for those whose power lags behind the non-dominant side.

13. Alligators
Some people use this name as a staggered push-up, but we use it to refer to a staggered push-up where the body moves forward as if the crocodile crawls along the ground. Play these!

Slow negative
It’s simple: Lower your body slowly, but keep the “up” part of your movement as fast as possible. This is known as the “slow and passive” campaign, which is one of the best ways to build size and strength in any sport.
15. Spider-Man
This push-up takes you on the creepy crawling side: in the “lower” section, place a knee on one side of the body near the elbows. This squeezes the slope and will improve the balance. Keep your knees in the same place for some delegates, then switch sides, or move forwards and backwards.

16. knees to the chest
This action is similar to Spider-Man’s push-ups, but the knees are under the body, not the sides, so the abdominal muscles work more than the bevels. Although the name is not very cool
17. Fake Plan (Pseudo Planche)
An ordinary push-up finger points forward and is consistent with the chest, but the change causes them to point to the foot and sit slightly below the torso. This placement makes the work on the shoulders and biceps more difficult.

18. kick outside leg
Hi-ya! At the top of the extension, kick one leg to the side to stiffen the ABS, strengthen the quadriceps, fire it up and increase flexibility. Try to keep your feet as close as possible.

19. grasshopper
This is not really the case – it is similar to the bottle opener push-up (No. 18), but one leg stays upright and the other leg bends and turns as the body descends. This is a good way to work your oblique and abdominal muscles.

With toes
At the top of the exercise, simply bend the side of the knee to the side, close your hips, and then use the other hand to give a faucet to the bottom. This will bring some extra work to the abs and legs.

21. Knees
The opposite elbows sound like: twisting the body and putting the knees on top of the opposite elbow. This is another great move to work from the ribs to the hips to turn the muscles, including the abs!

22. Corkscrew push-ups
Without these push-ups (though maybe a little whining). They are lifted in the air, their feet together, their hands on their chests, their knees bent about 45 degrees. The trunk should be parallel to the ground at the top of the movement. As the video shows, with your body down to the floor, twist your legs to both sides without further bending your knees. This adds a whole new dimension to abdominal exercise, while also working on quadrilateral and calf.

23. Diamonds
This is the diamond standard for triceps exercises. Simply put your hands together, make the thumb and forefinger diamond, place your hand under the center of the chest, and begin to remove the delegate.

24. Wide
The hand placed on the side of the body is farther than the normal push-up and you place more emphasis on the chest muscles, especially on the outside of the chest.

25. Horizontal
Kicking this out is trickier than kick-off (No. 18). At the top of the exercise, turn the body to the side and kick the ball. For example, the left leg should kick to the right of the body. This will add some power to the legs and slash while firing the core.
26. Tiger
At the bottom of the push-up, lay your forearms flat on the ground while raising your hips up into the air and pulling back slightly. This should look a bit like a tiger ready to raid. Twist movement, push up. Congratulations on the triceps hard work.

27. Elbow
It’s like a tiger push-up (No. 26), but the body stays parallel to the floor at the bottom of the exercise so the buttocks do not rise into the air. It’s a bit difficult, but you do not feel like a roar.
Pike push-ups may be something of their own; they are one of the best weight-bearing exercises on their shoulders. Raise your butt into the air so that the body forms a triangle with the ground. It looks a bit like a dog down, but the arm is more perpendicular to the ground. This is a good way to invert your push-ups – just raise your legs gradually!

29. feet rise
Just hold your toes on a chair, bed frame, or even a steady ball. This adds weight to the workout and emphasizes the upper chest muscles.

30. Horizontal steps
Time to get moving! This push-ups make the body sideways on the floor, need more coordination and agility.