Food indigestion and good food digestion


Good food and good food are all important to your health.

Good digestion is necessary to break down the good foods you eat into the form your body can use for nutrients and energy of life.

However, indigestion and digestive diseases in the United States are rampant in the United States. In fact, the country spends more on medical aid than on public school.

You may have heard the old saying: “You are what you eat.”

But this is only a fact and does not cover the whole situation. Say “You are what you eat and what you are digesting” is more accurate.

How does good digestion become indigestion?
People around the age of 30 start producing less hydrochloric acid and less digestive enzymes. (Hiccups!) It may actually happen earlier than Big 3-0 and then gradually worse with age. (Hiccups!)

Overeating, eating too fast can cause gas. (Pfttttttt!)

Habitual use of antacids, excessive alcohol consumption, and poor food choices can also cause rumble of foods and negatively affect the performance of hydrochloric acid and enzymes. (belch!)

The most disturbing thing about this dilemma is that you are not the only one who notices when your digestive system is not working! It is wise to improve digestion before it gets worse.

Continued dyspepsia not only causes gas and heartburn, but may eventually become a more serious problem. Poor food digestion can lead to various irritable bowel syndromes, and even colon cancer.

How do you spell the digestive system “relief”?
Spelling digestion “relief” the best way is to prevent!

Prevention begins with eating high-fiber foods. From the list of fruits and vegetables and the list of 100% whole grains fresh produce is naturally high in fiber and helps to pass food through the digestive system.

Raw food with plant enzymes, but also help digestion. And because the enzymes are easily destroyed, raw fruits and vegetables are important.

In fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs and some dairy products found in high quality lean meat and low fat intact protein sources. Your body will naturally make enzymes from the amino acids in the protein. If you are vegetarian, be sure to get the complete protein you need.

In addition to good digestion, there are many important reasons for the enzyme.

You can not walk, talk, breathe or wink. A well-functioning body produces hundreds and hundreds of different enzymes, and the absence of one can mean differences in health, illness or death.

Food digestion and digestive enzymes
When it comes to “death,” here is the importance of enzymes.

Imagine a 100-pound woman craving for a piece of chocolate cake. If her body does not have the specific enzyme needed to digest her, she is in trouble. Eating a cake will raise her body temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, she will die.

Now it’s really “chocolate’s death!” So make sure you get enough intact protein and always make all the enzymes you need.

In addition, avoid overeating, excessive alcohol and greasy food. Drink plenty of water. And take anti-acid habits. Antacids can only give temporary “relief” by treating the symptoms, not the cause. This will only make digestion worse.