Giorgio Armani said at London Fashion Week: “This is the only real city where you see the turmoil of creativity.”


As a designer, Giorgio Armani is known for his understated aesthetics in light beige flowing suits, but his impressive performance at London Fashion Week over the past few days.

Emporio Armani, the first London-based exhibition in London for over a decade, crossed his sign across a county hall in a warehouse in the Eastern District on Sunday. He installed around 100 global employees on the ground floor of Mayfair headquarters. Suddenly, all of W1’s taxis and buses were covered.

London is very important to Armani. He said: “This may be the only true city where you see creative upheaval.” You can feel that you can feel it.

“Paris is very romantic because the people who actually manage the city want it to stay the same, but London is truly modern.”

He came here in the early 1970s when he first created his own brand. “Carnaby Street is a huge source of inspiration, and like everyone else, I think it was a magical moment of place and time, but then I refined it and tried to adapt it to my own mind.”
Comfortable fashion exaggeration, Armani described as the king of style, and even God. Of course he is a living designer, just like the previous Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, have completely changed the way we all wear. For 42 years, his business has mushroomed to become a huge empire with a wide range of clothing lines, as well as hotels, real estate, beauty, watches, chocolates, upholstery and eyewear. According to “Forbes” reported that he was worth 8.6 billion US dollars.

To meet him is a considerable experience. In a large room at our headquarters in Armani, we were surrounded by a pile of clothes and half a dozen tables with hundreds of accessories and handbags. Armani was photographed on a black velvet background that his team set in advance. His suitable consultant hovering around the cameraman makes suggestions about camera angles.
I have had enough, to shake his hand, Armani jumped up and led me into private space. There, he sat in a gray chair, one leg curled up in his seat. He wore a navy blue cashmere pullover, navy blue trousers, bright white sneakers, with a small white coach socks. He said the designer owes his older biceps definition to him every morning in the gym for an hour and a half. “I’m very careful about what I eat, which is why restaurants are not easy because I’m picky.”

It will be a comfortable setting, is not the Armani suit of the three people sitting around us. One of them is translating (Armani will not interview in English, though after decades of dressing by Richard Gere and Cate Blanchett, he must say a little). Another is Armani’s English PR. The third piece – the brightest of the three pieces of clothing, with black Brycereemed hair – I’ve never introduced it before.

Armani is grumpy on many topics. He is a “simple” boss, but “when they realize that things do not go according to my plan, those who work for me, they know, it makes them feel painful.”

He loves the buzz of London and the history of the city, but not “service levels, concerns about the details of restaurants and other places where men are always wearing shirts.

“I will look forward to more business people, just wearing shirts in the restaurant? That’s wrong.”

Now a lot of fashion is novelty. “There are other things I like to see young people wear while others are deeply disgusted and you need to respect,” he emphasizes. “Even if you’re wearing something to show yourself to people, you should also show respect.”

He praised Gucci and other brands that tended to be trend-oriented.

“I think it’s right for them to try new things and try them because it is very dangerous for those brands to do so.The real challenge is to become a creative designer but still be loyal to their style, Instead of stealing ideas from coworkers, friends and people you meet. “Armani’s London event was part of a corporate restructuring that brought seven lines of design into the three lines last year after seven in a drop in revenue. He said restructuring should “create more clarity in the eyes of the end consumer.” This restart includes Emporio Armani’s “reopening” at Bond Street’s flagship store. He said: “When I bought the business, I had to rethink the whole state and market management.”
How does he manage such a large portfolio in such detail? Why does not he wander the yacht? “The real answer,” he said, “I do not know.Many people of my age are playing with grandchildren or playing with a dog.Many people in our company are waiting for my guidance, To know what they should do, I can not do it in other ways, which is why I have to do that. ”

When Armani was a 69-year-old boy in 2003, he said: “It would be absurd if the designer is still 85. And now that he’s 83, his succession plan – establishing the Giorgio Armani Foundation – until Recently announced that he said the foundation is the best plan that will ensure that this “very rich and very mobile” company will continue and that it invests appropriately in charity and culture and I do not want to put it on the shoulders of my heir This big task is also a burden, “he said. “I want to specify those who will do it.”

Is he ambitious? He said: “I’ve done all my work.” I did so many things, all of which stole my life in some way. “

Several times, the implicit cues between the right men beside me were passed, and then I asked for the interview to end, although Armani, sitting opposite me, stared at me with steel eyes but never clearly expressed the hope that the interview was termination. Eventually I let him go, knowing he must have sent a signal. After all, he is always responsible.

He said: “The puppeteer is me.” In fact, this is a big burden. “