How Adwoa Aboah Shakes the Fashion Industry


Adwoa Aboah is both a poster girl of modern fashion and one of the most voiced critics. The 25-year-old model embarked on Burberry’s fashion show on Saturday and embarked on Versace’s show on Sunday, triggering a discussion of the black female profile surrounding the media and the esteem of Gurls Talk’s self-esteem with the hyper-optical visual culture of social media Affected, she created an online platform now with 100,000 Instagram fans.

In London Fashion Week, the real conversation is the new kiss. The rise of Aboah, Edward Enninful’s “British Fashion,” and GQ’s “Lady of the Year,” recently marked a straightforward tribute to a constant appetite for the pursuit of perfection.
Not long ago in Burberry’s T-shirt, with a flash-friendly flash shower jerk, there was a gritty makeover this season. The site, an 18th-century courthouse in Clerkenwell, is said to have an underground social cell linked to Old Bailey through a tunnel to host a British social portrait photo exhibition. Ian Macdonald Image of Yorkshire workers in the early years of Thatcher, photos of travel agency Jo Spence in the 1970s, and mixed racial couples of Charlie Phillips in the 1960s Portrait as Burberry’s latest collection of backgrounds.

Fashion does not usually recognize, let alone celebrate, the British side of life seen in the “We Are” exhibit. In a Clerkenwell pub, two under-dressed young couples were gently sipping their semi-drunken tasting. Belfast Boys wear fancy nylon sweaters, proudly waving their cheeks to the glittering portrait of Alasdair McLellan. Burberry has long been inspired by British culture, but so far reference points have been high profile and commendable. The collection references the Bloomsbury Group, military garments, painters David Hockney and Lucian Floyd. The ad campaign has been featured in the noble archetypal aristocrats: whether in literary form such as Lord Frederick Windsor or the same Romeo Beckham in the 21st century.
Christopher Bailey started the daunting task of decontaminating the Burberry brand after Daniella Westbrook, flushing it with high-end Bohemian images, To obliterate the folk memories of football terraces and baseball caps, once again street heritage. The new Burberry series includes a baseball cap and a shiny badminton shuttlecock, both printed with a house check. Adwoa Aboah wore the cover of the latest issue of Dazed Magazine.

This street clothing is both the forefront and the most profitable fashion branch, perhaps playing a part in this change. Russian fashion designer Gosha recently collaborates with Burberry in St. Petersburg, and Rubchinskiy is at the forefront of the Saturday show. Christopher Bailey recently said that he “never felt such a sense of smell” about the history of the brand as part of the working-class culture, and that he described the photograph of “Who we are” open to the public for two weeks and sometimes Ironically, sometimes gentle, always real … This led us to the September collection. ”

At the same time, Burberry show has become the focus of anti-fur campaign in London Fashion Week in many years. Uniformed police escorted show participants through a crowd of activists, chanting “The Shame of London Fashion Week.” The only fur piece on the Burberry show is fake fur, though the labels used real fur in the past. Fur protesters are lobbying the British Fashion Association to ban the fur fair at official London Fashion Week.

Many department stores and magazines have already implemented the fur ban. BFC’s current position is “it does not specify what designers can or can not design and can not control their creative processes and we encourage designers to ensure that if they choose to use fur they will work with well-known organizations that provide ethical standards for fur “