Netflix and the Cold Appearance of Death: Why Smart in Style of This Fall


The way in which his fashion position is taken these days is that the trend is dying and that personal style and self-expression are paramount. The old certainty – the skirt is here defined as a knee length of six months, and only the camel’s coat is foreseeable – of a different era. For a former political insider, precise election predictions and Oscar statues have not been made in the wrong movie in front of global television viewers. Now the world is tired of experts, it is also a fashion.

Except in September. Because now the world needs fashion. The September issue of the magazine, as heavy as a hymn book, immortalized by a glossy documentary, is proof of the power of fashion at this juncture. For the rest of the year women who rely on their style to guide their closets are on the calendar eager to be told what coat to buy and when to start wearing black tights. A unified look and feel that can dominate a whole fall / winter system has been driven by new aspirations, which requires us to refresh the closet every three weeks. Back in school in September, when you clean up the daily necessities and straw basket, to transform your appearance, it is a fixed red word days.
Of course, this is about emotions, really, not clothes. The summer is receding, the holidays are over, and the whip is getting shattered after the calm on the second floor in August. The best medicine for depression in late summer is a new vision to combat this change and get us out of the woods. A pair of new boots sparkling, a bright new sweater stretch fluffy, a fine tailored jacket. All this is to be optimistic about the fall of the troubled business in the coming months.

In our era of optics, the new face of September is more important than ever. Clothes are the channels of modern life broadcasting. From tie politics (Trump’s reddish red and collarless ties from Barack Obama to Sadiq Khan) to the popular visual semantics (Taylor Swift’s comeback videos are all as deliberately controversial as the costumes) We are all tweaking the code we wear.
Fashion is not just an appearance, but a message. Now, the message is more energy-efficient and outgoing than last year’s comfort, Netflix and chilly fashions. In 2016, we wear sportswear in the front of fashion and cocktail party in pajamas. If you want to quickly understand the new sentiment of the season, and how it is updated fashion, you can take a look Versace’s fashion show. All Insta friendly fashion signs are there, but the aesthetic is more important than the naughty, more lofty ambitions. The abdomen of Gigi Hadid is on display, but under the double-breasted jacket rather than a sporty bra. Kendall Jenner has crazy yellow sunglasses, but this time with a pencil skirt and a clutch.

The new look is not entirely powerful. Instead, let’s call it empower dressing. Its elements – Christian Dior’s berets, Calvin Klein’s black leather, exaggerated Balenciaga’s shoulders, are absolutely bright red everywhere – an atmosphere that signals unusual, direct action in feminine fashion . However, strong dress represents individualism, wholehearted ambition; empower dressings are energetic, no confident vertigo. In Versace, tailor-made suits on the sister slogans: unity, loyalty, strength, love.
This is not a season facing pre-cut. Far away. Gucci is’s most popular fashion show. The color of the labels, graffiti, the eclectic aesthetic of the butterfly decoration have almost no office fit. Prada used to be the soul house of the A-line dress and delicate bags, all embroidered in rainbow-colored knitwear and heavy feathers. The latest Chanel tweed suit is equipped with boots or headband to escape reality, space silver. These are not work clothes, but they are not designed to leave a takeout outside. Last year’s sports and leisure trends drew on the visual effects of the yoga studio and the runways – a delicate sweatshirt and smooth leggings – but in 2017 it reduced the amount of protein that was shaky and brought a high-strength attitude.

To prove that this is a season for putting down the clothes of the remote control, out of your comfort zone, into the vast world, consider a transparent raincoat. Both Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons and Miu Miu’s Miuccia Prada are key players. Also consider what happened to the footwear. Casual shoes that are largely unfit for outdoor-inspired fur-lined leather have already given Santa’s shoes to the pair of naughty silver leather shoes in Saint Laurent, a must have way out. Not out of work, but to go out. The trend may have died. But whenever it pops in September, fashion is alive and kicking brand new boots.