Nightmare from Melania Trump to America – What caused a sensation at New York Fashion Week?


The scraping moment of his New York Fashion Week is not part of the official plan. In fact, in Washington, DC, Melania Trump wore a red Calvin Klein shirt with beige insignia and a sharp-edged collar when it came ashore Marine One on Sunday, something more than 200 miles away from the catwalks.

This is a weird affair to those who know their fashion reference because Trump’s shirt is the first Calvin Klein collection by the Belgian designer Raf Simons, a part of. Simmons is the clever, artistic designer bestowed on the president’s disgusting “liberal elite.” His commitment to the American giants has mined Americans like prairie quilts, cowboy boots and stars and stripes, which critics say are trying to regain the American dream from political rights.

Trump probably was not trying to make a complex political statement when she wore the $ 695 (£ 524) top. She chose it because its beige details coordinated with her big beige Hermès Birkin handbag, but that does not make her adoption of Simons’s take on Americana feel any less meta. The pictures also underline the fact that – although the fashion industry is proudly run by liberals and immigrants – a designer’s personal ideals may not be echoed by those who can actually afford to buy the merchandise.

Simmons’ second Calvin Klein show opening on Thursday New York Fashion Week bleak than his debut. It explores the American dream and the American nightmare. Jeans and vest were printed on the violent photos of Andy Warhol’s Death and Disaster series, while the horror movie reference – bloody dress, modeled on Jason Jason Friday Hockey mask shoes – is the centerpiece of the series. This distorted patriotic sentiment is Monse’s trend during this show – Amal Clooney and Rihanna’s favorite tags – baseball tops with stars and sequins, these vests have been Chop and bite. The show is probably happy – Mickey Mouse is sitting in the front row – but all of those crafty frazes at the seams feel very gloomy.
New York Fashion Week took place in the United States catastrophic moment. The opening ceremony of a dance directed by Spike Jonze and the sale of tickets to fund Hurricane Harvey was a tragic event and fundraising activities were unable to keep pace with natural disasters. A small talk between shows – usually “How are you doing today?” – usually involves Donald Trump’s lack of concern about global warming. But there are some dislocations: I have never heard of the designer’s role in addressing the fashion industry’s own, very important environmental damage.

Instead, designers have chosen to make social statements about race and gender. There is a collection of immigrants who support public schools. Among them, the dress code slogan is “How to Get Back Again,” while designer Timothy Chow, wearing the flag of the DACA dreamer’s cap, protests against the threat of the deportation of young immigrants, facing Donald now Trump has given up on plans to protect them. At Prabal Gurung, there’s a discussion on “Coloring Non-Coloring,” a choreographed fashion show featuring bright pink, medium-blue and light-yellow chiffon dresses. Sitting in front of Gloria Stenheim, she attended her first fashion show at the age of 83, only to the right of Hillary Clinton’s right-hander Huma Abedin a step far.
Female boss surge. For example, Victoria Beckham gathers beautiful, shiny flash shoes in her pastel colors and designs a soft power that “exquisite power.” Her mentioned VB in the industry – a major cosmetic line a few days before her show, as did the same celebrity rival Rihanna. The latter’s Fenty x Puma show also shines with sparkling power – this collection is a series of pink glittering sand dunes – including sporty hybrids such as high-heeled shoes with fast details of neon lights and stilettos.

The powerful woman, if she wants, can wear soft, pink clothes, just like men, who can cultivate any personal aesthetic of their choice without any judgment – Out of the cheering moments, Texas Texans Margana Wood described Charlottesville as a “terrorist attack.” At that time she was standing on the stage wearing a sparkling white dress with blond hair taut and side by side. Beauty is not my business, they may not be yours. However, this is perfect as an example of the kind of argument you never know about women’s empowerment.