How Kate Spade Acquired Me Through My Mental Health Struggles


In my years of struggle with eating disorders, my Kate bag helped me manage my negative image. When I sat in class and made me weakly ashamed, I used my black nylon wallet like a shield to cover my stomach. My mother gave me a high school graduated Kate spade jacket. I told my friend that it made me feel like a million dollars. The jacket made me feel alive when I was struggling.

American designer Kate Spade in New York in 1999. Spade was found dead at her apartment in New York on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, according to police officials. The police said that Spade, 55, was discovered unresponsive at a Park Avenue apartment, where she had hanged herself. Spade, one of the first of a powerful wave of female American contemporary designers in the 1990’s, built a brand on the appeal of clothes and accessories that made women smile. Her cheerful non-restraint struck a chord with consumers, as did her bright prints. (Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times)

For me who grew up in the 90s, the Kate Spade bag is a status symbol. Of course, this is fine – but it never made me feel her label.

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For me, Kate Spade and her brand are even more important than I have lived in New York for 11 years. For me, her product is a talisman on my own journey and it makes me feel comfortable living in my body. I was sad that Kate was struggling with myself. It makes me feel dizzy, that is paradox. Without Kate Spade, I don’t know I can stand out from several depressions, a decade-long eating disorder, and multiple suicidal thoughts.

I was one of the first singles to have Kate Spade black nylon handbags in public high schools in the wealthy Chicago suburbs. I still vividly remember the other two people I know: my friends, and the tenth grade students next to our social crowd.

My mother gave me all Kate shovel equipment. The first purse, the nylon paper planner, the jacket, and a huge black bag have checkered patterns. Yesterday, I asked her why she brought me my first Kate Spade wallet in about 1996 or 1997.

 “For me, it’s important that you start to respect good things and take care of them. They are suitable for age and well-made. No one needs to know what brand it is. Her brand is subtle… It’s about learning. Enjoy the better things in life and thank you for having them. ”

I am grateful. I tore those bags. I wore that jacket for 15 years until I thanked him and kissed Marie Kondo after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It no longer brings me joy. I hope it can be given to others, so I brought it to a reseller.

Kate Speyer taught me how to understand what happened in my heart. Her focus on simple details has brought me closer to understanding how to embrace the body and the details inside and outside the brain. I spent most of my 9th and 10th grades covering my stomach with Kate purse. I spent the 12th grade because of my Kate Spade jacket and I feel like I can enjoy it in the world. I have lived every day in my adult life and career – since high school – it feels like I know how to manage and keep my own, because I’ve been careful about Kate Shovel Planners, Kate Shovel Planners My logistics work is often overwhelming and busy.

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Now, at the age of 35, I took better care of my Kate Shovel Planner than anything else I had. One of my best friends sent a text message yesterday to see if I could. “I only knew she was important to you and your daily life,” she wrote. When I make a plan, arrange a meeting or book a show, I will tell everyone that I will put it in “Kate.” No Google calendar. There is no synchronization device. My life is in Kate. In the past two decades, once a year’s holiday or birthday or event, a new replenishment – now a new 18-month plan – is a ceremony. Kate, my timetable and me.
I worked with my planner to do what my mother wanted me to do with my first Kate Spade package: I would take care of it and respect it, and as a result I knew myself.

Last night, I listened to Kate and Andy Spade’s NPR “How did I make this” episode from February 2017 and noticed that my Ray-Ban sunglasses were on the counter alone. I found my sunglasses case in my canvas bag that I used all day and noticed the label: Kate Spade. My stomach has fallen.