Simple summer clothes, only three or fewer

For me personally, I hate standing in front of the mirror at a high temperature of 90 degrees, trying on shirts one after another. As a result, wearing a sweaty back (TMI?) summer dress should be simple! In one season, I vowed to change my hot dressing habits. Does my new rule require only three or fewer clothes to wear? The process of simplification means I don’t think too much about my appearance (dresses and sneakers?)), but I don’t sacrifice my style, thanks to some street style inspiration. To verify my theory, I designed five sets of hot weather garments that I plan to rotate weekly. Do you come with me?

“What am I wearing at work?” “The dilemma is too realistic.” Reducing the time you spend in front of the mirror always captures these three things: striped shirts, leather skirts, and booties. The classic silhouette and sturdy material of the leather skirt is the key to creating a polished office look. Boots increase the temperament of fashion girls. However, if your ankle sweats too much, you can also use flat shoes or high heels instead.

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When the temperature reaches 85 degrees or higher, it is time to take a break from your jeans (sorry, we still love you, cowboy!) Instead, choose more breathable fabrics such as chintz or linen pants. Combine them with your favorite t-shirt and wear street-style classics. Use this season’s “mumule” to complete your styling, and then work, brunch, or even longer in your fashion.

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A t-shirt can be worn all year round, but in the summer, it became a versatile dress. Do not mix your favorite black t-shirt with a blue jeans, but use cotton or silk wide-leg pants to increase your taste. Choose high-waisted hips to create the illusion of long legs. For the real hump up, put on red shoes. The popular colors make this outfit incredibly beautiful.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 13: Lafayette Deone is seen outside the Tracy Reese show wearing Cami Creations design outfit during New York Fashion Week 2016 on September 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

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Dresses and sneakers: Simple two-piece suit, I swear on a hot day. Women’s printed wrap dresses, such as prints, can give you more summery feel. White sneakers are the “I don’t think” option because it is easy to match. This whole shape can be put together in five minutes, so that you have enough time and friends to drink before the happy hour ends.

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Consider denim shorts, white canvas, you can take a layer on it, we recommend that you wear a stylish shoes. Think like a designer, choose a shirt with an interesting graphic or tailoring design – or both! – Let it be your overall focus. As for shoes, I like a pair of good boots that can add a little “toughness” to your clothes.

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