Change the rules of the game 2018 Tech Gadget release you need to wear a radar


When we live in a virtual reality world that sounds more appealing than the status of current affairs, we can not help but be forgiven when a brand new tech-filled fitting, toy, and automatic problematic oh arrives. Even if your New Year’s resolution is digital detoxification (joking, I’m a digital editor), trust us, when we say you want to get these seven technology products as soon as possible. In addition, we checked the coolest new version we track throughout the year.

When the reality is not what you think (well, 2017), why not put virtual reality? 360 degrees, 3 d experience whatever you want into the eyes of the world. Think: games, social applications, suddenly transporting their own rainforest. (random). Wireless devices to early 2018.

Alexa, HomePod-Apple has a much-anticipated speaker meeting with Siri. You can place HomePod anywhere in the room and it adjusts the sound’ hear the whole house. (Mad, we know.) HomePod * Also * Right to turn off lights and control any other electronic features at home.

The release of the product has been postponed since the end of 2017, but is available for purchase early this year.

All day almost with *battery life (20 hours), the HP X2 has the longest battery life in any Windows phone product. It can be easily changed from laptop to tablet and includes a digital pen to satisfy your inner artist’s dreams. In addition, it includes a 13-pixel rear camera and a 5 mp front camera (readers, crazy code-clear selfies).

Next to a concept: You, DiCaprio, take the next step in this portable air quality tracking response to global warming. The flow can measure the harmful pollutants around you by creating a 360-degree air intake that is toxic to the air you breathe.

In general, its goal is to strive to create a healthier environment by understanding the surrounding environment and motivating action on clean air policies. The stream is currently available for booking but may not ship until June 2018.

You already know that you don’t want to drink and drive, but you can prove that you can track your blood alcohol concentration and see how much you drink when you drink. * Flashback New Year’s Eve. *

Wristband setting alerts inform you when you reach a certain BAC level, it takes an estimated time to wake you up, and sends your smartphone app. If you just like it…? This technology converts alcohol molecules into electrical signals. In 2018, everyone.

Forget to find your next Instagram husband… Google Video Photo & Video for you Learn by using facial recognition what is the most interesting record of face and moment. When you pick it up, clip your jeans, or put it literally anywhere, suddenly you have your own personal TV video producer. Sports is a private photo because you don’t need an internet connection and you can choose to upload it anytime, anywhere.

Similar to Hewlett-Packard, Samsung notebook 9 comes with a tool called “S-Pen,” which is a battery-free pen that still allows you to enter your good performance eye-catching screen repairs. The highest power and performance of the experiment, the Samsung notebook will be listed in early 2018.