Weekend guide: lodging, dining and exploring in marrakech, Morocco


Welcome to MarieClaire.com’s weekend travel series – a smart girl’s guide to take full advantage of this wonderful two-day holiday.

With its thriving artistic atmosphere, light pink contoured walls and world-famous cuisine, it is no wonder that Morocco’s famous “Red City” has become a hot spot for tourists who love Bohemia. Although you need to cross the Atlantic to make a two-day weekend trip completely meaningful (for example, it is fast and cheap to start from London – see “Useful advice” below), but that’s why Marrakech is definitely worth your joining. Reason for an overseas trip.

Walking through the labyrinthine passages of the ancient city of Medina, I passed the handmade wonders carefully crafted by donkey carts and artisans, and the mopeds galloped past them. I washed a Hamm (Turkish Bath) in an exquisite city retreat and I felt that my whole body was rejuvenated. I ate a saucer made from a clay pot stewed in simmer. I and my boyfriend came on camels to the nearby countryside and the Agarfi desert. Along the way, we met locals and European immigrants and their passion for the city once again proved the charm of Marrakech. Here we list the must-visit places to visit in this fantastic destination.

El Fenn: In Arabic, it means “art”. Fenn is the right name for this famous riad on Instagram. Every emerald green tile and shabby interior design details are amazing. In the heart of the medina, El Fenn’s lantern-decorated courtyard provides utopian peace after feeling overloaded for a day in the nearby market. This hotel is the creation of Vanessa Branson (Sister Richard Branson) and the design wizard William Schmidt, with Branson’s stunning art collection.

We live in Room 20, or I have always called this charming space a “pink roof” and I fell in love with every inch of land. Make us leave the pink marble bath in the room, the cozy fireplace is Elfing’s widely-appealing rooftop-where comfortable seats and Berber pillows, a small pool, and a delicious restaurant to meet nearby Atlas Scenic background of the mountains and the Koutoubia Mosque, one of the most famous landmarks of the city.

Beldi Country Club: Less than 20 minutes from the centre of Marrakech, the Beldi Country Club occupies 15 acres of rose gardens, olive groves and attractive greenery that inspire the charm and true relaxation of the earth. This property also has two swimming pools, a spa, an amazing restaurant and a picturesque conservatory. The rooms and suites are beautifully furnished, like a village, each with a fireplace and a private garden (our room even has an outdoor bathtub).

Poppy Delevingne hosted a three-day wedding tour here, so you can see pure beauty everywhere. One suggestion about the Beldy Country Club: We only stayed here for one night and it was really painful to say goodbye, so I suggest you stay here for two nights or stay here forever.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

The recently opened Musee Yves Saint Laurent, curated by the late Pierre Berge, houses the most influential designer in a stylish and stunning space. s work. The French fashion icon born in Algeria was famous for his fascination with Marrakech. He lived with his partner Pierre Berge in the winter and often painted in the street. As Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Marrakech taught me what color is.” Before Marrakech, everything was black.

As the 2018 annual public building of the wallpaper magazine, the museum’s Terra Cotta Warriors and Terrazzo tiles mark the status of Marrakech as the leading capital of North African art and design. The Musee Yves Saint Laurent also features galleries that showcase emerging artists and designers, landscapes by Jacques Majorelle, and over 5,000 books about fashion The library, the chic screening room for regular events, and a charming Parisian cafe.

La Chaton Majorelle

The footsteps outside the Musee Yves Saint Laurent are waiting for the peaceful Jardin Mayor – Yves Klein blue’s cacti, fountains and iconic pop attire Never forget to return. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge bought this fascinating property in the 1980s when they saved this former French Oriental painter Jacques. The residence of Jacques malele saved him from being a real estate development project. The villa’s oasis in this garden has long been a favorite winter home for couples and provides visitors with perfect maintenance. To commemorate the ashes of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge are scattered on this property.

In fact, all roads in Marrakech lead to the famous main square of Medina, Jemaa el-Fnaa. Here you will find a wide range of soups selling spices, antiques, and many staple foods designed by Berbers. As you stroll through the square, you will see woven baskets and colorful leather goods everywhere. You will hear the snake charmer play pungi (pungi) in front of the tamed cobra and you will smell the aroma of street food in Marrakesh. . According to reports, tourism in Medina is easy to book and the price is very cheap, but we chose to solve it by ourselves. This is also very feasible (thanks to maps, comfortable shoes and caffeine).

Although Marrakech may not have much to offer you a skinny hammam spa, if you want to let the soul sublimate for luxury, Royal Mansour’s hot springs are definitely a must for you. place. Hotel owner Mohamed VI established the Grand Hotel to showcase the best hospitals in Morocco, and the spa proved his success. When I saw the bright white floor and the amazing floor-to-ceiling labyrinth of white metal flowers, I was instantly enthralled – it was the palatial that I hadn’t seen my hammock yet. Before the room.